why kids are bad at mathematics depends on different variables. in this article I am about to share some the most important reasons why kids are bad at mathematics.

People are more confident to say they hate mathematics rather to say they are bad at it. I am not about to say they don’t learn math properly because they are “dumb”. I believe when someone is not good at math, it has only some few reasons:

Reason #1 why kids are bad at mathematics: Parents and their negative effects

What parents talk about at home, could seriously affect kid’s mindset. One of the common things that parents talk about it at the very first days before their kids go to school is to say, “Hey, I was horrible at mathematics…” And you know what? It certainly become a cliché for kids:

“hey I am horrible at mathematics…”

Reason #2: Bad experience and bad teachers

Bad teachers! Oh yeah, not everybody who teaches mathematics is a mathematician, or they might not be even a good teacher!

They teach math very bad because they themselves are bad at mathematics. And yes it negatively affects on our kids’ math abilities.

Reason #3: they are lazy!

To be a rational person is not that easy. People prefer not to think. It is to somehow harder than majority of our physical activities. To be a thinker need to read, to write, to think and more important to be trained under supervision of sufficient teachers.

What schools train, what TV do, what Instagram and other social networks do, all are just to make people lazy and stupid. People who doesn’t like to think. They rather follow “common ideas” than think about things.

So they are bad at mathematics because they don’t like to think and spend time on it.

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